The Rules Are There Are No Rules

Everyone is always intrigued by my “work” attire. These are the times where I’m feeling rebellious and show up like I did today: white ripped jeans, navy tucked in shirt, grey suede pumps and a necklace for a little office sparkle. Rarely do I come to work in the typical office uniform: slacks, button down shirt and a blazer.  If I do, everyone at the office thinks I’m going on an interview getting ready to bail on them. Not even meetings require that kind of decency. There are no rules at my workplace about what you can and cannot wear, but I still seem to go the extra mile and wear what I feel comfortable in, even if it ripped jeans.  Mondays and everyday calls for the rebel in me.





  • Cecico Faux Leather Sleeve Tweed Coat; $60 via Dor L’Dor in Englewood, NJ, once available at, similar via
  • H&M Button Down Tunic in Navy (no longer available), similar long shirt via
  • BDG Mid-Rise Straight Leg Jean in Off White (no longer available), similar budget-friendly BDG jean and One Teaspoon jean both available via
  • ShoeMint ‘Classic Pump’ in Grey; $79.98
  • Necklace; a gift

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