What’s A Monet?

Today was one of the worst days for outfit photos. I think I was so tired and overwhelmed with life (super dramatic I know), but I just wasn’t feeling it. The dress, although so comfy and stylish, it didn’t translate well on camera…sloppy even (gasp!) Those that know me know that I just don’t do sloppy. Fine, so the dress came with a string to tie around (I wore it like this last year to the Beyoncé concert) but today was the day I decided not to use it, instead I wanted to accessorize with my new statement earrings and favorite nude pumps. Big mistake! If you’re sitting and moving around all sorts of ways, the dress is going to stretch and stress you out! What’s the point of getting something all ironed out when you’re the biggest wrinkle? My advice to you is if you want to share your outfit of the day with any denim dress, iron it, throw it on but don’t even think about moving. I still wanted to make a post because let’s face it, not all outfits have a happy ending. It’s also a perfect example of a remixed outfit gone awry. You know sort of like the Monet:  “From far it looks okay, but up close it’s a big ol’ mess”.

Hope you all have a nice weekend! Fall is creepin’!

xoxo, Budget$ai






  • Forever 21 Life in Progress Denim Shirt Dress, (old); similar here
  • H&M Rhinestone Earrings, $9.95 (available now in stores); different color on their website.
  • Vince Camuto ‘Kain’ Pump in Blush Smooth Patent; $98

One comment

  1. It’s OK Sai, even though you were having a bad day…. everything still looks great and it’s the model that makes the clothes, not the clothes that makes the model! Especially when you have such a great personality and above average intelligence.

    Have a good weekend,

    J.R.Best 🙂

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