All We Got Is Right Now

Another beautiful weekend! This time I spent my Saturday afternoon with friends bar hopping and enjoying the rest of the summer down at the Lower East Side. Summer calls for shorts, something I don’t have much of because I prefer dresses -the lady in me or just a lady who doesn’t want to feel like she’s gone commando, especially with the on trend booty cleavage denim that is simply unavoidable. I mean mine were short, but my privates weren’t hanging out! It’s been hard to shop for shorts or just traumatizing seeing all these young girls with their butts hanging out and they are oblivious to the fact that: “uh miss? Your a** is hanging out!” I’ll go back to my outfit of the day now. I paired my just about right length shorts with a black bodysuit, and my black chucks for the sometimes cool, laid back girl in me. I spent all week in heels and in New York City it can be a pain to bar hop in heels so I went flat and my feet were thankful. On the weekends if I come across an ideal mural or backdrop I take full advantage of it, during the work week I’m constrained to my workplace area making it difficult to explore the great streets New York has to offer.

Where are your favorite places to bar hop?

How do you pair your short shorts?

Hope you all had a fun filled weekend!

xoxo, Budget$ai







  • American Apparel Bodysuit, $36
  • Joe’s Jeans Curvy Fit -(DIY into shorts)
  • Converse Chuck Taylor Classic in Black, $50
  • Flud Watches ‘The Shea‘ Sunglasses via (sold out); $34.95, similar via
  • Forever 21 Rhinestone Pedant Necklace, $3.80
  • H&M Midi Rings, $2.95 (in store)
  • Forever 21 Midi Rings; 1 and 2
  • Love Midi Ring via Dor L’Dor
  • Dangling Stone Ring; lost and found, similar via
  • H&M 2-Pack Rings; $4.95, similar here and here
  • Diamond White Gold Ring; a gift

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