“I like my money right where I can see it: hanging in my closet.” — Carrie Bradshaw

It’s been five days sine the launch of the Altuzarra For Target Collection. Finally! The wait is over!

After an hour and a half on line, a manager at the 225th street/Riverdale location where we were waiting, came out and told me, my team and the rest of the line that it was not going to be sold there! I freaked out, even dropping the F bomb on her: “Are you f***ing kidding me?” Manager: “No.” As if this didn’t mean anything to her. As if making this month’s sales goal in one day meant nothing to her. We ran out of there so fast. I just couldn’t waste any more time on her, her story and her lack of fashion sense. It was time to put our heads together and find Targets within our reach. We got in our getaway car and drove to the Bronx Terminal market where there wasn’t really much of the collection nor was there any excitement whatsoever. I was in a panic because my number one reason in running around like a crazy person was to get my hands on the maxi dress that I plan to wear to my friend’s wedding. Huddle time! Next stop? Harlem! I didn’t even remember getting there, I just remember we didn’t make a line and I found myself bumping into fashionistas with a load of clothes across their arms, in carts, with friends! After a few grabs here and there, my next strategy was to follow people and the items they had that I wanted, I needed. After negotiating with a fellow shopper who had all the sizes of the Orchid Maxi dress (her sister chose my dress for her bridesmaids, the nerve!), she tried on the dress and before I knew it, I walked out of Target with a big smile on my face. Did I mention I also purchased everything online first? A girl’s got to be able to secure her wardrobe. Wink, wink.

Above are all the looks currently in my closet. I can’t wait to style and share them with all of you.

Did you make the line at Target this past weekend? Are you happy with all your purchases?

Have a beautiful weekend! ❤

xoxo, Budget$ai

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