Bienvenido a Modani

Welcome to Modani!

I was chosen to put together my ideal living room space with pieces from Modani modern furniture store for a chance to have my board featured on their Pinterest.

The first thing I did was work around the accessories like I sometimes do with my outfits. When I buy new jewelry, a bag, or a new pair of shoes I don’t hesitate to incorporate it in my next outfit. The goal is to create (by using Pic Collage) a classic outfit that you’ll always wear with hints of bold color, print, or accessories to make the entire look pop.

I noticed from the choices I was given, my favorite neutrals: white, greys, black with subtle pops of color. I remembered an outfit I put together this past summer, that I wanted to use for inspiration.

One thing those close to me know is that I can never get enough of throw pillows, on my bed and hopefully when I have my apartment set up I can pile them up on my sofa too like I did here. In this collage I chose white as my base and grey for some accent pieces (the sofa, rug, or pillows) with just a few eye catching pieces, from the funky prints to the splashes of chartreuse and fuchsia. I wanted to decorate a room that had a minimalistic feel with hints of femininity. I kept the space clean and simple with the straight cut lines of the coffee table and mirror. I love mirrors, they always add a touch of glamour and can even make smaller spaces look bigger.

In my home, we have trunks and vases everywhere. They’re great to use for storage when you don’t have enough closets and they it gives a chance to show your creativity because they come in many styles. I finished off my minimalistic inspired living room with this white trunk set and shiny eclectic vase.

You can view any of Modani’s displays at their modern furniture stores, feel free to take a look.

How do you define your home style?

xoxo, Budget$ai

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