Month: January 2015

Winter Wonderland

What a beautiful snow day to go hiking with my family. After all the Blizzard hype, I’m grateful it wasn’t more than the mere 6 inches – enough to have a day off and enjoy the snow. As much as I’m not a fan of the snow or anything with the word storm in it, I appreciate the beauty of it while it’s falling and the 24 hours it’s on the ground. It’s calming and therapeutic for me. Aside from relaxing at home, I went out to play, like the big kid I am. 🙂

I threw on my (faux) furry vest over a turtleneck and some distressed skinny jeans. I also wore my sombrero for a monochromatic look and a pair of track sole booties to be able to walk and keep warm for the 30 minute hike (okay I changed into some flat cold weather boots so I wouldn’t break my neck in the process) in the park. A small bag to store my keys, phone, and tissues; and last but never the least in this weather, my leather gloves to keep me extra warm.

How did you spend your snow day (if you had one)?
What do you think of my (faux) fur outfits lately?

Stay warm!

xoxo, BudgetSai

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Photos By: @zamnsam (Instagram)

  • Zara Faux Fur Vest (old); similar here and here
  • Love 21 Featherweight Turtleneck, $6.80 (no longer available); similar here
  • H&M Skinny High Jeans; $39.95
  • Key Te Suede Ankle Booties (old); available via
  • Target Snake Skin Messenger Bag (old); newer version available via
  • H&M Wool Hat (old); similar here, more here
  • Moschino Gloves via Century21 (old); similar via

In A Grey Area

Although I only have two shades of grey in this outfit, I see myself and many other fashionistas wearing grey much more this cold, freeezing Winter. Could it be just a trend or is this weather bringing out the gloom in all of us? Hey I’m not complaining, I love how versatile grey is, can be paired with almost any color. Right now I like to pair it with other neutrals, like tan and brown like I did here. In the Summer don’t forget to give your greys a taste of the bright side, next to white or neon.
Are you giving black a break and heading over to the grey area?
I hear rain and snow are on its way to the Northeast. Stay warm and be safe everyone!
Happy Weekend!
xoxo, BudgetSai

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Photos By: @zamnsam (Instagram)

  • Forever 21 Longline Duster Coat, $49.99
  • Forever 21 Heather Grey Poncho Knit Top, $17.90 (no longer available); similar here
  • Levi’s Boyfriend Skinny Selvedge Jeans, $69
  • Vintage Louis Vuitton ‘Trocadero’ Shoulder Bag (gift); available here (smaller version)
  • Sam Edelman ‘Rowin’ Bootie (4 years old); more here
  • Gold band, Brooklyn Flea Market, a gift
  • Tiffany &Co. Elsa Peretti Band Ring, a gift
  • Diamond Band/White Gold Ring, a gift
  • Diamond Studded Heart Ring, a gift

Fur Old Time

I never really been into fur until I borrowed this jacket from my sister. I loved the way it looked on her New Year’s with her Pixie Market dress. She joined me on the Altuzarra for Target adventure and the jacket was what she got from the whole collection, while I bought one too many pieces! I thought it would be a huge fashion statement if I wore her faux fur over my turtleneck dress for my sister’s Chanel theme birthday party, and keep it on all night. Chanel + party + fur = tres chic. 😉 The only other accessories I added to my look were cocktail rings for some bling against all the black.

Are you adding (faux) fur to your outerwear collection?

What do you think of my sister’s Chanel cake?

xoxo, BudgetSai

Processed with RookieProcessed with RookieProcessed with RookieFullSizeRender (14)Processed with RookieProcessed with RookiePhotos By: @zamnsam (Instagram)

  • Altuzarra For Target Faux Fur Jacket (available via; similar here and here
  • American Apparel Turtleneck Dress, $44
  • American Apparel Opaque Pantyhose, $16
  • Forever 21 Strappy Faux Suede Sandals (no longer available); similar here
  • H&M Ring (no longer available); similar here, real Pearls here
  • Letter ‘M’ Ring from So Good Jewelry Boutique in SOHO (going out of business), $1!

Get On Your Boots

The sexiest shoe after a sleek pump has to be the over the knee almost thigh high boots. My favorite piece to wear with these boots have to be sweater dresses, skirts or anything that’s going to show a little leg. I made sure to also pair them with a knee length coat that was going to give the illusion of “coat and boots and not much else” when I walked down the street. I brought out my chain choker to balance out the loose sweater dress. This sweater dress which I purchased at Francesca’s soften up the look just enough for dinner and drinks, not the club. Francesca’s boutique store has a variety of clothing for the trendy City girl.

Do you wear thigh high boots? If so, how do you like to wear them?

xoxo, Budget$ai

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Photos By: Samantha Cabral (@zamnsam on Instagram)

  • Diane von Furstenberg ‘Burke’ Coat (old); similar here and here
  • Infinity Scarf (old); similar here
  • Francesca’s Sweater Dress (bought in store, no longer available); similar here
  • Guess Thigh High Boots (old); similar here
  • Luana Top Handle Handbag from Marshall’s (over 5 years old), you can find Luana Handbags on
  • Silver Chain Necklace (old); similar here
  • Forever 21 Midi Rings (old); similar available online
  • Forever 21 Subtle Glam Cutout Ring in Gunmetal, $4.80

Allow Me To Re-Introduce Myself

Today I’m taking the time out to share some fun facts with all of my readers. An insight on what it’s like to be me!

  1. I love chocolate and bagels, never tried it together, but I’ll probably love it too.
  2. My astrological sign is Cancer and I truly am a Cancer in all aspects of the sign.
  3. I am a dog lover and just lost my love to shunt liver.
  4. Dirty 30 is coming at me in about 5 months, 5 days, 12 hours…
  5. I have 3 sisters; 2 older and one younger. I work with two out of the three and the oldest works in the same field, but a different location where I’ve also worked. Work, work, work ever since I was 13.
  6. Started babysitting at that age. I was the babysitters club.
  7. One thing I always carry in my bag besides my huge iPhone 6 Plus, wallet and keys is a prayer my dad gave me a few years ago. He said “take it everywhere you go for protection and don’t forget the $20 emergency cash too.”
  8. Speaking of dad, I am the spitting image of him. Scary. -__-
  9. I love all genres of music, but *Nsync was all I ever listened to in my teenage years.
  10. Speaking of those years, I went to an all girl high school, Notre Dame in the West Village. What an adjustment.
  11. I always wanted to be a dancer (because of Aaliyah first then Britney Spears). I would perform for family and friends whenever I learned their music video choreography.
  12. And an interior decorator because of my mother who always loved to decorate our home growing up.
  13. My favorite color is black, but I never like to decorate in black. Really weird.
  14. I’m a true New Yorker (explains the black obsession), I couldn’t see myself living anywhere else.
  15. I am a neat freak.
  16. I changed my own diaper as a baby. I am a neat freak.
  17. I’m crazy about shoes. I haven’t reached 100, but I do have 100 (more) in mind.
  18. I live in heels. If I could sleep in them I would. I like to feel tall at all times (I am barely 5′ 3”).
  19. I have a green thumb. Thanks to my mama.
  20. Favorite flower is the Rose.
  21. My hair is naturally curly, but I prefer straight locks.
  22. Yes I’m 29, who can’t drive, but loves to be driven. 🙂
  23. I love Italian food.
  24. My left side is my favorite side of my face, you can tell in the way I take my photos.
  25. I’m a sucker for sweatshirts in the Winter, every time there is a high-low collaboration at Target or H&M, I have to have one.

Below is the sweatshirt I created on Bow and Drape‘s website. I just love a Made in NYC brand. The sweatshirt is cozy, fashionable and makes a great shameless plug. Wink, wink. You can pair it with a skater skirt or jeans for an overall casual look.

What do you think of my 25 fun facts?

How would have you designed your sweatshirt?

Have a fun-filled weekend!

xoxo, Budget$ai

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Photos By: Samantha Cabral (@zamnsam on Instagram)

Forever In My Heart

There are times when you think the worst is happening to you -for example when your train has delays, you break a nail or someone messes up your name every other day of the week, but you get over it because after all you arrive to your destination, nails grow back and you just say you know what? My name is unique -no one will ever get it.

As always you start off the new year with a positive outlook on life because you believe that this is your year. You set goals and plans for the future and tell yourself you can’t sweat the small stuff anymore. Ever. I set my sights on the good and didn’t anticipate that the worst was yet to come. My dog, my baby, Piper has died after a surprising and heartbreaking case of shunt liver.

My dog, whom I rescued (what would have been 4 years ago this month) had been getting sick every 6 months after his third year of life. I was frustrated and constantly worried, but I reassured myself that he’s made it through every time that this one time will be just like the last. I was wrong. It’s not like the last time, I couldn’t save him like he knew I could each and every one of those other times. I was forced to make a decision that I don’t wish upon anyone, that I had to end his life because I didn’t want him to keep suffering and suffering and suffering.

Everyday is a struggle to know he is not a part of my family’s lives. I am mad, angry, sad about his loss, but I feel even worse for my father who saw him as a son. He was my dad’s sidekick on a daily basis. He ate when my dad ate, he rested when my dad rested, when he was sad, Piper was sad, when my dad was happy, he too was happy. No more running around the coffee table, no more knocking on our door, no more cuddling, no more baby brother. He was truly loved by everyone and I will miss him forever. I love you Piper. Don’t let them mess with you in doggie heaven. Keep close to your big brother, Prince.

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Polar Bear

What does a girl do when she’s cold? Wear a skirt of course. I brought out my summer skirt and went full on winter with it. I paired it with a turtleneck, tights, and peep toe booties. That’s right, I didn’t even bother to wear closed shoes. In my defense, I didn’t think the wind was going to tip me over like it did. These were the few photos I bravely accomplished without a coat! No wonder why I get sick!!!

Is everyone ready for the polar vortex? What do you wear during these brutal wintry days?

xoxo, Budget$ai

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Photos By: @zamnsam (Instagram)