Forever In My Heart

There are times when you think the worst is happening to you -for example when your train has delays, you break a nail or someone messes up your name every other day of the week, but you get over it because after all you arrive to your destination, nails grow back and you just say you know what? My name is unique -no one will ever get it.

As always you start off the new year with a positive outlook on life because you believe that this is your year. You set goals and plans for the future and tell yourself you can’t sweat the small stuff anymore. Ever. I set my sights on the good and didn’t anticipate that the worst was yet to come. My dog, my baby, Piper has died after a surprising and heartbreaking case of shunt liver.

My dog, whom I rescued (what would have been 4 years ago this month) had been getting sick every 6 months after his third year of life. I was frustrated and constantly worried, but I reassured myself that he’s made it through every time that this one time will be just like the last. I was wrong. It’s not like the last time, I couldn’t save him like he knew I could each and every one of those other times. I was forced to make a decision that I don’t wish upon anyone, that I had to end his life because I didn’t want him to keep suffering and suffering and suffering.

Everyday is a struggle to know he is not a part of my family’s lives. I am mad, angry, sad about his loss, but I feel even worse for my father who saw him as a son. He was my dad’s sidekick on a daily basis. He ate when my dad ate, he rested when my dad rested, when he was sad, Piper was sad, when my dad was happy, he too was happy. No more running around the coffee table, no more knocking on our door, no more cuddling, no more baby brother. He was truly loved by everyone and I will miss him forever. I love you Piper. Don’t let them mess with you in doggie heaven. Keep close to your big brother, Prince.

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