That 70’s Sai

I’m an 80’s baby, but why not live a little bit like my parents did in the 70’s, groooovy. For once, I thought I was in the twilight zone, I didn’t know how much I look like my mom in these photos! I’ve always been a fan of flare jeans, that’s why I still have these 2010 William Rast for Target jeans. They fit so well, it was sad to see the brand go in 2013, but that’s okay I can wear them more now that they’re back in style. My favorite trends are ones you can pull off day and night. I can wear these with a blouse or a plain white tee. I like the elongated look flares give me because I’m a petite gal. As if I needed another reason to wear heels. 🙂

Are you feeling the 70’s trend?

Remember no matter what’s trending, stay true to your style, but don’t be afraid of change.

Happy Friday and have a beautiful weekend!

xoxo, BudgetSai

IMG_0777IMG_0818IMG_0779IMG_0776IMG_0780IMG_0781IMG_0748IMG_0771IMG_0770IMG_0765IMG_0744IMG_0819 IMG_0749IMG_0741IMG_0746IMG_0775IMG_0766IMG_0745Photo Credit : @zamnsam (Instagram)


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