Ducks In A Row

Nature is all around us, but in more places than others, so it’s hard to stop and appreciate. Say what you want about the busy city of New York, but when Spring arrives, there’s nothing like it.

I enjoy the outdoors when I’m out working on outfits of the day, to sit and take it all in one deep breath at a time. Here I am wearing an oldie, but goodie DVF dress from a sample sale. I wore it to a Baby Shower this past weekend in Long Island. I love the color purple and it fit right in because my friend is having a girl!

Happy Cinco de Mayo! Hope you all have time to take a celebratory tequila shot because Spring is finally here in NYC!

xoxo, BudgetSai

IMG_2726IMG_2733 IMG_2728 IMG_2730IMG_2725IMG_2729IMG_2731 IMG_2732IMG_2727 IMG_2734IMG_2736IMG_2737

Photos By @zamnsam (Instagram)

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