Rough Road

There’s a lot of construction going on in the city, but I always seem to get my way through it -in a fashionable manner. Bodycon isn’t always the answer, but black definitely is when it’s hot and sweaty outside.

For those cooler times of the day I like to wear a classic denim jacket to keep just that -cool. You can always find a perfect timeless piece like this one at the Gap and you know you’ll have it for a long time.

Do you run back to black as much as I do all year round?

What are your favorite throwback outfits?


IMG_2821IMG_2806 IMG_2808IMG_2804 IMG_2810IMG_2816IMG_2818IMG_2814IMG_2807IMG_2817IMG_2819IMG_2813IMG_2815 IMG_2803 IMG_2805IMG_2809

Photos By @zamnsam (Instagram)


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