That’s you, and you and you and me!

This past weekend I participated in the 2nd Annual Women’s March. It has been one hell of a year since last year’s march. I’m not into politics at all, but a Hispanic woman like myself can’t ignore the words and actions that comes out of this presidency. So many emotions ran through my mind, looking around at people of all genders, ages, nationality, sexual preference all with the same American Dream. How can one person try take that away from us?

I grew up in a household with my 3 siblings of parents who immigrated from the Dominican Republic. We are not just first generation, we are THE generation. In my parents eyes, they did the right thing coming to this country, raising educated women, providing for us so that we didn’t struggle in life, to the point where we now can provide for them.

It’s never too late to get out there, speak up and fight for your rights! It is never too late to work hard for your dreams. BE FEARLESS!

And what do fun fearless females wear? Wild wild wild coats! I’ve wanted a leopard coat for a while now and I guess it was just bad timing…until now.

During the Cyber Monday sale I was able to get my hands on this faux fur for, wait for it… $23! Since then we’ve been a match made in Heaven. If you know don’t know me, know this: I love animal print, so it was just a matter of time before I got my paws on a classic piece to add to my wardrobe. I left room underneath for a playful sheer blouse and a pair of snatched attack high waist jeans. I wore patent high heels and a patent tote for a polished work appropriate look. I kept my makeup simple, but if you want to get really wild, wear a seductive red lip to bring all the boys and the girls to the yard. 😉

What brings out your wild side? Tell me your fearless story! 🙂

Love, BudgetSai

Photos By: @burritomilkshake (Instagram)

  • A New Day Leopard Coat, on clearance for $12! Similar here, here, here and splurge here
  • American Apparel Pussy Bow Blouse (old); similar here, and splurge here
  • H&M Jeans (sold out); similar here, here and here
  • Zara Patent High Heels (sold out); similar here, here and splurge here
  • Longchamp ‘Roseau’ Patent Leather Box Tote, similar here, here and here

Ruff Ruff

Since my last post, I’ve been trying to cope with some insecurity issues that are weighing me down tremendously. I’ve always known becoming an adult was going to come with responsibilities. No matter how many hours you work, there’s never enough time to get things done and the bills are endless and somehow you have to have the time and energy to deal with the personal responsibilities and consequences of being an adult. I also never expected to dislike myself in the process…

I feel like I’ve lost myself AND let myself go. I know I reassured you I was going to shine through whatever comes my way, but some things just can’t be forced. Because of this I’ve decided to take a break from blogging and work on myself like I know I should. I love my blog so much, but it’s hard to put your all in something when your all feels like nothing. This isn’t the end. I want to be happy and reflect that happiness through my outfits instead of hiding underneath them every single day…

I know I’m not alone in these experiences that life throws at you and I wanted to share my feelings with you in hopes it would help anyone going through the same.

When the going gets tough, ruffle up! Here’s my last outfit for a while. The ruffle trend is one of my favorites of the season, I just can’t get enough of it. Streetwear and athleisure is literally everywhere and this feminine look is a nice change from the new norm.

Love Always,

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Photos by: @burritomilkshake (Instagram)

  • H&M Ruffle Blouse (sold out); similar hereherehere and here
  • Forever 21 Faux Fur Coat (old)
  • DVF Ruffle Leather Skirt (old); similar here and longer version here
  • Forever 21 Thigh High Faux Suede Boots (old); similar here and here
  • Vintage Gap clutch; similar here (if you want to party only)
  • Vintage Earrings; similar here and here

On Easter We Wear Black…

…and a little bit of pink. There wasn’t much plan for Easter this year. I’m still trying to built a closet in my room which is taking forever to complete, but I’m hoping soon I can share some of that experience with you all. I love to organize closets, but boy (and girl) it’s a lot of work.

I remember back when I was little, my mom used to dress me and my younger sister up in white shoes and floral dresses. Those were the days. Now I wear white shoes, but not so much floral in my closet like I used to. I still went for a little bit of pink for an early Easter dinner at Tryon Public House with this jacket from H&M, I think it must be over 10 years old. Tweed jackets and/or blazers will always be in my wardrobe, just take a look at Chanel fashion shows, year, after year, after year and Anna Wintour -the number one fan of Chanel tweed jackets. They are and will always be a fashion staple…statement in my book. I combined more fabric and textures to the equation: chiffon, (faux) leather and suede. Every piece had its moment to shine on Easter Sunday.

What did you think of my bunny holiday get up? What’s your Sunday best look?

It’s raining in New York, but I’m checking up on that warm weather like my life depended on it! What are your warm weather plans this year?

xoxo, BudgetSai

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