That’s you, and you and you and me!

This past weekend I participated in the 2nd Annual Women’s March. It has been one hell of a year since last year’s march. I’m not into politics at all, but a Hispanic woman like myself can’t ignore the words and actions that comes out of this presidency. So many emotions ran through my mind, looking around at people of all genders, ages, nationality, sexual preference all with the same American Dream. How can one person try take that away from us?

I grew up in a household with my 3 siblings of parents who immigrated from the Dominican Republic. We are not just first generation, we are THE generation. In my parents eyes, they did the right thing coming to this country, raising educated women, providing for us so that we didn’t struggle in life, to the point where we now can provide for them.

It’s never too late to get out there, speak up and fight for your rights! It is never too late to work hard for your dreams. BE FEARLESS!

And what do fun fearless females wear? Wild wild wild coats! I’ve wanted a leopard coat for a while now and I guess it was just bad timing…until now.

During the Cyber Monday sale I was able to get my hands on this faux fur for, wait for it… $23! Since then we’ve been a match made in Heaven. If you know don’t know me, know this: I love animal print, so it was just a matter of time before I got my paws on a classic piece to add to my wardrobe. I left room underneath for a playful sheer blouse and a pair of snatched attack high waist jeans. I wore patent high heels and a patent tote for a polished work appropriate look. I kept my makeup simple, but if you want to get really wild, wear a seductive red lip to bring all the boys and the girls to the yard. 😉

What brings out your wild side? Tell me your fearless story! 🙂

Love, BudgetSai

Photos By: @burritomilkshake (Instagram)

  • A New Day Leopard Coat, on clearance for $12! Similar here, here, here and splurge here
  • American Apparel Pussy Bow Blouse (old); similar here, and splurge here
  • H&M Jeans (sold out); similar here, here and here
  • Zara Patent High Heels (sold out); similar here, here and splurge here
  • Longchamp ‘Roseau’ Patent Leather Box Tote, similar here, here and here

First Comes First

One week down, 51 more to go! This past week the city froze over so that only meant one thing for me: home sweet home. I took the time to relax and gather my thoughts. Think about how to keep my family together, think about what I want in love, and think about my first love: my blog AND my future.

How can I keep my followers entertained, intrigued, wanting more from ME? How can I not get sidetracked with the outside influence surrounding me? What do I want? I’m going through changes in my life and I would like to take you all along for the ride. So hold on to your Winter hats!

One thing is certain, I will make my days count. And I’ll do so with glitz and glamour. First (comes first) outfit of the year…

In sparkles none the less. I stole this look from the boys because I was sick and tired of wearing a dress every New Year’s Eve and every special occasion -BUT in whatever you choose to wear, this holiday calls for all things sexy. I did so by opting out wearing anything underneath the tuxedo blazer. I mean it’s 2018, take risks, pretty please. Also why not wear the pants? It was perfect way to end the year and start a new one, ‘con los pantalones bien puesto’ (translation: pants well put on). What do wide leg pants need? The perfect Brian Atwood platform peep toe heel. They have just the right amount of color to liven up an otherwise standard monochrome look.

I’m not one to brag, but yes I am. My New Year’s Eve makeup was all done by me! Okay nothing that special, but I’m beginning to love eye shadow!

Who wants to see beauty posts in 2018? How is the new year treating you?

Love, BudgetSai

Photos By: @zamnsees (Instagram)

The Blacklist

The color black has become a staple in my wardrobe. When I wear black from head to toe, it’s much more than just a “safe choice”, it’s a state of being. I feel in control and wear it like armor. Black is a color with many faces. Black can be chic, sleek, and sexy. Black may be boring to some and even (gasp!) faux stylish, but in my opinion it takes a real fashionista to rock the same color over and over and keep it fresh.

This winter, I’ve been playing around with texture. I’m currently loving the return of the 90’s, especially the lingerie inspired looks. So, I chose this Bebe silky loose bodysuit with a deep-v opening to go with my pencil skirt. The dress code at my job is thankfully…liberal (lol). Buttons or no buttons, this is the perfect kind of top you want to wear if you have plans after work.

The AltuzarraxTarget snake skin print pencil skirt, the thigh high suede boots and my lush faux fur coat are all sexy in their own right, together they may be too much, but when it comes to black I’m a firm believer that more is more.

My advice for you -take some time during the weekend and plan out outfits and more importantly try it on! Basic items in your closet can be upgraded using different textures and shapes. Start thinking of your closet as a wardrobe and not just “that thing that holds your clothes”. The more you make what you have work harmoniously, the better you will shop. So pull out those “boring” work slacks and just throw every top/shoe/accessory you own its way! Play with colors (if you like) or see how many monochromatic looks you can come up with.

Happy Thursday!

xoxo, BudgetSai

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Photos By: @zamnsam (Instagram)

  • Silent Damir Doma Knit Hat (old); similar here
  • Moschino Gloves via Century 21 (old); similar via ebay.com
  • Forever 21 Faux Fur Coat (bought it in store); more here
  • Bebe Silk Wrap Bodysuit, $89; more here
  • Altuzarra for Target Jacquard Pencil Skirt, (old); similar here, here, splurge here
  • Forever 21 Faux Suede Over-the-knee boots (sold out); similar here, here and splurge here
  • Sally Hansen Insta-Dri ‘Espresso’, $4