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Flor-ever Thankful

There’s something about the holidays that make me feel a little mushy inside, I don’t know if it’s the decorations, the songs, the people, -what I do know is we are all about to sparkle into the new year.  So many party looks from so many different brands making it hard to choose just one. BUT I’m going to find a way to control the impulse.  I’ve decided for all holiday parties (up until Christmas that is) -I will rework what I have in my closet. Whether if it’s a different shoe, accessory or even a hairstyle, anything can instantly change the vibe of your look.

This thanksgiving morning was a cold one, but I managed to keep it together wearing my FFF (favorite faux fur) to keep me warm; a cropped wool sweater, my 10 year old Free People flares and my can’t stop, won’t stop wearing platform shoes. I wanted to go for a boho vibe and blend in with the Fall foliage so my main attraction were the pants and its floral print. The blush cropped sweater complimented well with them. The platforms definitely added that spunk in my step.

Well ladies (and gentlemen) there’s nothing wrong with going extra this holiday season or even with your everyday outfits. Throw on your (faux) fur, your sunglasses and walk into your family’s living room like yes I’m here and I’m fabulous. And when they ask you what’s in your velvet pouch, tell them nothing, it gave your outfit the million dollar touch. You too should feel like a million bucks! :p

What are you wearing this holiday season?

See below for all things similar!

Love, BudgetSai

Photos By: @zamnsees (Instagram)

  • Forever 21 Coat (last A/W Season); similar here, here, here, here, here and here
  • Nasty Gal Cropped Sweater (old); similar here, here and splurge here
  • Free People One Floral Fields Wideleg pants (super old, but in the best condition!); similar here and here
  • Target Jupiter Platform Oxfords, $28; splurge here
  • Carmen Marc Valvo bag (old); similar here, splurge here
  • Karen Walker Sunglasses, $198
  • H&M Ring Set (old); similar here

On Easter We Wear Black…

…and a little bit of pink. There wasn’t much plan for Easter this year. I’m still trying to built a closet in my room which is taking forever to complete, but I’m hoping soon I can share some of that experience with you all. I love to organize closets, but boy (and girl) it’s a lot of work.

I remember back when I was little, my mom used to dress me and my younger sister up in white shoes and floral dresses. Those were the days. Now I wear white shoes, but not so much floral in my closet like I used to. I still went for a little bit of pink for an early Easter dinner at Tryon Public House with this jacket from H&M, I think it must be over 10 years old. Tweed jackets and/or blazers will always be in my wardrobe, just take a look at Chanel fashion shows, year, after year, after year and Anna Wintour -the number one fan of Chanel tweed jackets. They are and will always be a fashion staple…statement in my book. I combined more fabric and textures to the equation: chiffon, (faux) leather and suede. Every piece had its moment to shine on Easter Sunday.

What did you think of my bunny holiday get up? What’s your Sunday best look?

It’s raining in New York, but I’m checking up on that warm weather like my life depended on it! What are your warm weather plans this year?

xoxo, BudgetSai

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This past Monday was a life changing experience for me. For some it wouldn’t have been that dramatic, but trying to keep your apartment was a big deal to me. After a successful meeting with the landlord, I can now breathe easy and enjoy the holidays. To make it even better, the weather was a high of 70 degrees! You know what that means? Open toe shoes! Yes I went as far as looking like I was cut out of a Resort 2015 ad! A button down safari shirt, denim skirt, camouflage sandals and sunglasses that scream I’m ready for a vacation! After all this I think it’s time for one, so even if I couldn’t book a trip, I had to dress the part. For now,  I’m just happy to be spending Thanksgiving with my parents in their new home.

How will you spending Thanksgiving this year?
Any vacation plans in 2015?

Have a wonderful and grateful Thanksgiving weekend!

xoxo, Budget$ai