Lucky Number 1985

On June 22, 1985 a star was born. Born to shine; let me shine, let me shine, let me shine. Today’s post is a special shout out to all the 1985 babies like me!

Behind everyone’s outfit is a story to tell.

I always want to tell you all from where and how I put an outfit together. I had been eyeing this 1985 shirt ever since it was on the site…but not for sale. So you’re asking yourself how is that even possible?

Well what it looks like H&M does is they will style certain pieces that ARE for sale with other pieces that are NOT for sale -yet. Not sure what is behind this madness, other than causing me stress and anxiety.

So weeks later, I say to myself, I want to wear this for one of my birthday festivities which was getting really close, so I’m going to call them up -but let me check the site one last time! And there it was! Available for purchase! When it’s meant to be, you’ve got to believe it will be.

I don’t necessarily buy t-shirts already tied up because I like to make my own decisions on how to wear an article of clothing, but thank you H&M for the suggestion and the birth year. So I knew I was to wear a high waist something with this top. That something was an H&M satin high waist skirt with a high low hem that I already had hanging in my closet. It was just the right amount of peek-a-boo between the knot of the shirt and the skirt.

Now for the shoes: I came across these shoes in the clearance department, somewhere I never bother going into because I don’t have much luck there. Actually now that I think about it, I don’t have luck with shoes at all at T.J. Maxx. My 7 1/2 foot is a popular size. Also the selection is one of the smallest, so what you see is what you’re gonna get. What caught my eye was the height of the shoe. The print was very cutesy -not necessarily my cup of tea BUT they were black and after trying them on, I thought it could go places with this pair. I mean DVF for $69, I’ll take it! And guess what guys? I haven’t taken them off all Summer Seventeen.

It was pretty sunny this day so I went with a pair of big, bold, black sunglasses. They made the look extra sassy. And who doesn’t want to be extra or sassy on their born day?

On a scale from one to ten, how much sass do you pizzazz?

What trends are you following and which one would you like to see me in next?

Love, BudgetSai

Photos by: @burritomilkshake (Instagram)

  • H&M T-Shirt (sold out); similar here
  • H&M Skirt (sold out); similar here and here
  • DVF Shoes via T.J. Maxx (sold out); similar here
  • H&M Sunglasses, $13
  • Hoops from Canal Street!

Super Size Me

I had to try the oversized shirt trend. I played around with this men’s dress shirt using different pieces, but the same idea. My favorite ideas right now are none other than chokers and boots this Fall season. You can definitely borrow one from your father, brother or significant other at zero cost! If you can’t find a loved one, Macy’s has similar Calvin Klein styles on sale now! Who doesn’t love to walk out the house pant-less (if you feel like that’s too much exposure some short shorts underneath will do the trick), with some mean (extra mean) thigh high boots or fierce booties and a dramatic neck piece? All on a budget!

How do you feel about the oversized look? How many chokers have you collected thus far?

Love, BudgetSai

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Photos By: @burritomilkshake (Instagram)

Look #1

  • Nine West Leather Haircalf Dress Bootie via, $59.99
  • Steve Madden N-Victoria Choker, $18
  • Chanel Classic Mini Flap Mint Green Crossbody Bag available at  (Coming soon to my

Look #2

  • Forever 21 Faux Suede Over-the-knee boots (sold out); similar here, here and splurge here
  • Rosas de Cristal Lace Studded Choker, Price Upon Request

Tulum: Day 2/Night 2

Day 2 in Tulum meant to start working on a tan in none other than a little black bikini. I added a fun statement necklace and lots of arm candy to brighten up my beach bum look!

For the night out I let my clutch do all the talking with its beautifully sewed in sequins and abstract print.

Happy Friday!

xoxo, BudgetSai

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  • H&M Bodysuit (last year); similar here
  • Forever 21 Red Bandage Pencil Skirt; $22.80, similar here
  • Forever 21 Strappy Faux Suede Sandals (sold out); similar here
  • Forever 21 Collared Chiffon Blouse, $19.90
  • Forever 21 Clutch, $22.90

Walk on the Wild Side

After toning the fierceness down for my evening look, it was time to turn it up! I started off by working on my tan by the beach. Who says one-pieces can’t be sexy?

photo (13)


image (2)

What’s your swimwear style? Do you like it wild?